Monday, April 23, 2007

Courage + Open Source = ...?

...the anwer is a big fat setback in the middle of a Bill Gates' presentation in China.
¡que bochorno!   :P
Is not easy to defend the open source ideals in such a brave way, don't you think?
Now let's see some videos

video 1:

video 2:

Friday, April 13, 2007

TVLINK, better than a remote control

Now I'll share with you a very cool tip from my friend Jorjato.
TV LINKS is a website which gathers in a single place thousands of chapters from famous TV series. They are classified according to different categories (shows, cartoon, anime, movies, music, sports). And all the series' chapters are shown in alphabetical order.
This website is not tended to be a "download-'n-store" page. This is a You Tube-esque site. Just click in any title and a pop up will appear to give you all the visual pleasure you need.

Let's enjoy it, while we can.

To visit TV LINKS, just click here.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

SAP Chile sucks!

My thesis (a report which is a requirement to get my engineering degree)is becoming a very difficult task to accomplish.
A lot of obstacles appeared on the course of this investigation. Some of them are:
  • I was working and making my thesis in the chilean Bridgestone Firestone plant. 6 months passed and then this tire plant closed.
  • I was overworking. So, only 30 minutes a day were left for working on my thesis. No one can progress at that time rate.
My thesis initially deal with ERP software implantation. No, this isn't as simple as download a ISO and install on your PC. To implantate and learn to use this software is a very big task. The Bridgestone Firestone Chile process was taking 2 years.
But this is not the topic of this entry. I wanna write about the typical chilean narrow minded concept, and how is possible to find help out there, in other countries.

SAP is a big fat software company (Indeed is the 3rd biggest company) and they have a lot of local offices. Chile has one of them.
The bad thing, the worst thing about my investigation is that after several attempts to get in touch with the people of SAP Chile they never answered my requests.
Thanks international generosity I found a helping hand, out there, in the UK. A remarkable indian SAP consultant mailed me and sent me some very useful papers.

What's my conclusion?
I think we should be more generous and stay alert if somebody needs our help. Not getting help here in my country and finding a helping hand in the UK is so paradoxical, don't you think? And is so sad too.

Monday, April 09, 2007

A brand new start...

So you thought this blog was about to die?
This is from now on the english version of
Let's see if this thing works :P
I'll try to translate all my "" entries, so stay tuned!